Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Izan : relinked you already, sory if ayu link lambat sangat :D
Ninie Cinaa : linked you already babe .
Amaliah baby : IMYTSM!! hows your life . meet soon please .
Amymonyet : i rarely talk with guy at msn .. soryy . next time i chat with you uhkayy? ayu taq sombong lahh . : P
sharifah : thanks fer passing-by and tag .
emma : you change your link? relinked you soon huns!
kikiemissiaotee : im done relink you bby! 
keesha : relinkes ya too ! salt ! :D
Guest : you are one of a kind spammer ehh ? hahaa! your typing seems  familiar..  leave your name please . i didnt say im ugly or preety, what makes you say that ? PANDAI PUNYEQ TINGGI! ALAMAK! hahaaa!
Mella : not schooling anymore .but wants to be in a school again soon..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

since today off..
plan naq amek liya baby from school , but then she is sick. get well sweets!
this is a last min plan & it turn out to be awesome day!
when poly with nuttynad to hav F&B injection , turns out we both didnt had injection ..
im scared , and i gave lame excuses , therefore , injection postpone . NYETT!

bussed down to tamp, craving for tempting cakes at secret reciepe.
so full, cake dyer so big! hahaa~
we turn around tamp to find a cool drink to get rid of my thirst drink.
pusing , pusing .. at last went macd mntak plain waater jerhh!  hahaa!

someone travel from yewtee to tamp jus to meet me.
we meet like only for a minute & tis what we talked.
me : we goin lepak near a fwen house . naq ikt?
hym: umm , taqnaq .
me : ok den . bye . *walk off*
im so aggresive towards guys uhh?
some people havent seen my real me. its awful!
slack at aqeims place .
plan go downtown eat , so aqeim went home change , i follow nad to p.ris change..
this makcik aqeim siap mcm ayu seyhh . lame gyler .
nad went home , nad siap, we travel downtown . he stil nt dhere yet ! Mangkok!
plaeyd bowling,  banyak longkang!
then lepak pris parkk , im like a retarded kid . nyahahaaa !
aqeim n nad , nampak aqu mcm orgg gyle kn tady ? taqmu blng org kaay..?

my new name is tissue!

NADD! P I C T U R E S P L E A S E (:
with nuttynad
 the ugly side of me :D
step emo rabak gee!
cik pon peh anak, scary taq?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

work today untiring but sleepy .
when im sleepy , i have a habit of rolling eyes to innocent ones .

once you confess to me , that you love me .. your dead! BYE!
i wont contact you anymore .  interested in friends only.
im still traumatised , get it??

dear ex,
im overjoyed , i have totally forget you. Amin!
the tshirt i got fer you , im giving to someone else..
i just tinks i wasted my time and money fer you . 
goodbye ~ tc . 

tag will be replied soon :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i have a huge panda eyes now -.-
didnt sleep yesterday. bcoz from 9pm -9am i been watching Tasbih Cinta..
and im still not done with it.
semagat kn aquu?

had 4 hrs of sleep, then off to tamp, meet yaya , johan & don.
proceed downtown . lpk there with adam liya zahari.
todayy was awsome! LIYAYAYU !!!!
had plans to universal studio soonn!! yeaaa!
im too sleepy to elaborate , pictures do the talking aites.!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

im changing ..
im trying to be independent now.
im goin school again .
i working .
i single but unavailable.
im leading a happy life now .
at last, i made plans for my future already .

i have wasted my past .
i dont want it to come back .
i want a bright future please .

tommorow must wakeup early go court .
need to sleep . byee~


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

its 12.34 am . my mind is restless now .
thinking abt my dad ):
stress! stress!
just came back from work .
everything u told me is so true .
" today keje senang , besok2 it will be more worse "
yes , today is the most tiring day! SPRING CLEANING!
i replace my sister shift , work from 12am to 11 pm.
my kaki mcm naq tercabot sia .
i had customer whose mum mcm gerek gyler !
she talk to me as she knew me for so long .
lastly she told me her son naq my num ..

anak dyer hancem siaa!
too bad , i cant give ..
i promised you , i wont contact anyone ...
& i didnt .. * applause for ayu!!*
after werk they go club . aqu ? balek uhhh!
i have stopped drinking and drug-ing and clubbing ..
his advices really effective .
& i hope my bbg stop all these too .

how i wish im back to your arms again ?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

you told me we will be bestfriends .
we agreed ...
now you starting to like me .
you told me to call you BHY?
i wont , i shudnt , i cant ..

i dont buy anymore in the name LOVE!
i sweared to hym i wont contact other guys .
accept the fact , im still traumatised by the past . 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

i have dark panda eyes now-.-
had only 5 hrs of sleep.
had a talk with hym until 5am .
the next day, my bibik woke me up at 10am.
gort a call from my mum , she ask me & eqa to follow them to malaysia.
& must be down in 5 mins?!
coz they are waitingf or us at my void deck already.
in ard 10 min i siap,mandy in ard 5 mins ! hahaha!
go malaysia with masai face , no makeup , slacky clothes and my hp & mp4 not charge . grrr~

unexpected SOME mat malaysia are gerek to mixed with . (my cute m'ysia driver)
today , im like a tourist . I lioke!
after lunch proceed to dairy farm . i only like the part theres mini zoo.
my first time i feed a big orstrich , kambeeng & coil fishh.
& even i ride on a sheep. seram gee! my legs and hands keep shaking .
satu ppart nyy, ayu batok , the kambeng pon batok . jiwer rabak uhh , kwn aqu nyy!

then we went to the beach , played kite . after that all the way shopping , lastly had our dinner .

satu part , ayu tgh browse thru some cds , theres some guy go touch my hand then he say ..
" tumpang, ... awak sorg ?name awak saper ? tggl mane ? awak awek chun uhh . "

i give a sharp stare and walk off . fucker !

pykir aqu pompan jalanan? dasar otak sempit!
& my kak sedare gado with a minah malaysia too! muke mina tu teros chuak!

as seen below , some of the pic in malaysia . theres only a little coz of my flat battery -.-
overall , loved today outing although im sick .
ohhyaa , we even explore to maltida house at 2 plus before we went home.

soryy bbg for the last min change of plan . in return i smuggle bubble gum fer you .. *.*

at the farm
pisang seribu . its taller then me :D
they saw owl change innto kakak cantek at night..
tats when i ride on the kambeng.
kambeeng , my bestfrend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

deadly sick now .
but i dont care about my health condition.
tommorow goin out . . : D

im trying to stop loving you , but when i did ... you came back .

& Happy 1st monthsary to Cheha & Pakito . 
dun forget Insyrah . 1 happy family~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NUTTYNAD keje dgn ayuu!! 
cute2.. ayu n her pat keje mcm legong!
ayu bsk off! woohoo!
mau enjoyy uhhh.
i want to meet my bbyg !

pp8 da kosong baru bnyk org pycet.
whn pp8 loaded, no one naq  pycet. 
reply tag soon .
im tired. byee!


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