Tuesday, March 30, 2010

nyy budak cute kn? skrang aqu part time jage dyer!

im fvucking retard today!
tron lepak punggol with liya at ferst , pycet everyone liao. Last min, peng side . hahaa! Lepak pasir ris. Ayu da taq bwk wallet , then im so masai . mcm baru bagon tido sia.. 
i started to try smoking todayy! [liya ajar] hahha!
nothing much to talk about . 
bye stalkers!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Woodlands > Yishun > Somerset > ClarkeQuay > Taka > Cinelesure

Yesterday , im late again . Supposely meeting amaliahh baby at 12.30 , i ended reaching somerset ard 2 . Padahal plan to watch rosziana and lulusiao dance performance , unfortunately i missed both of their performance . Pantart babi tol!
Then amaliah and her friend got to go home . i travel to clarkequay to meet titi lovergal & babycino. ohh ya, ahboyy and kecyk sanchez were there too . They actually wanted to go dbl o coz yest free entry before 10 . but ayu btol2 taqnaq gy dbl o! im still underage , titi tak bwk ic .At last , we went taka garden instead . woohooo! Syg korangg :D
Came taka gelap gyler . everyone so black, i thought its sume bangla siaa! Stupit earth dayy! taka pon ader dance . i tink today onwards i starting to like bapok uhh. HUHU! their dance so energetic and nice sia. I LIOKE!
Have i mention , i meet with aida cinnonet? ohh , goshh! Maner menghilang dulu? at last dapat jumpe yesterday ! She was like so cute eating kfc while walking at town . Aqu pon join sekaki!
urmm, babycino , sorry that we left you yest , had to rush to catch the last train . meet you again soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Many people say im sombong!
some people say i forget an old friend .
others say , im always busy, always not free.

&& someone say AYU MCM SIAL?

mulot kau mcm nak kenek sumbat dgn konek uh! binget sial! kau peh taek sume aqu da angkat . aqu buat gyni , pasal kau uhh! cbbb!
 kau pykir kau baek sangat pe? step berubah , padahal ,perangai taq berubah ahh sial . aqu da cukop sabar dgn kau uhh boy! kalo binget pon, taqmu naq perah pat kwn aqu uhh pariahh!  IHATEYOU uhh sundal!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yaya more pic please(:

  • Went Greendale Sec , gib my exam slip. Still waiting list~
  • Went pp to topup, osf . Sian lehh!
  • Proceed yishun with boipekk & jaja.
  • Slack with DMFbabies , play fortune telling^^
  • Went Northpoint , where we meet ahboyy & mummy zakiah!
  • While waiting for mummy zakiah to finish werk, slack at yishun playground . *cite situ , habes situ kayy*
  • Home sweet home.
dyeerah shawty , if your reading this , when i chatted with you just now . im touched by a sweet friend like you . i know i have change . im sorry . i will promise you, i will be my old ayu back. eversince i moved out, i thought we will lose contact .but im suprised you are still concern with the people i mixed around with . the fact , most of my accompany is people with tatto , smoker , abusing drugs , clubber and "inside home" people . i wont get carried away, i promised you that . we have known since primary school , i treasued our friendship ok. i'll be the old ayu soon. Misses my childhood friend , meet you soon. :D


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