Monday, October 4, 2010

hi , thats me with solehin and his siblings. on sunday , went to the birthday twins mira and mirul(bottom right) party . cool kan adeq dier twins! Da besar saye nak anak twins , triplets or even quadruplets boley ? huhuuu ! forgot to mention the couples; cicak and ally was there too :D . after the celebration , hantar cicak back 'home' . then lepak sekejap and eat kebab. itu ajeee , terus balek .

today , i followed my mum buat my adeq ezlink card at pasir ris , then i rush off to tampines meet nuttynad and ras . did some catch up with aqeim and others at secret recepie. i swear i miss secret recepie ! we ate tom yum chicken & american brownie ! sodapppp ! lepak back to pasir ris . meet liya and the rest , and we played illegal 'mercun' sampai saye nak terkencing ! then polis came , we bussed off to punggol , lepak again and went back home .

im bored now , tengah berbual dengan solehin . dyer degil taknak tidor . besok his first day kerje . goodluck ! and those having end-of-year fever , goodluck . pass with flying colours alright. aww ! thats how much i miss schooling too ):

i dah bukak blogshop. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

somehow i like this pic , make me look dopey !

i dont understand after a problem solve between family , now comes another part , from friends !
i tried my best to help to maintain our friendship, you know who you are.

this weekends i have no idea nak go where ? i rindu town , tapy banyak kawan i masey raye fever .
tommorrow probably heading town . entah ehh , i tengah boring nyy hidop tak sekolah atau keje .

today , i help my mum with her cupcakes decoration . then i peng my num to meet ZACK and his daddy .
somehow they bought pizza and kfc for their dinner , but i ate a chicken drumstick . my perot suda full macam nak explode. then when home my mum bought giant bbq tiger prawns . i force my perot to eat . i still have my hor fun waiting to be eaten . tunggu yer !

im goin to tuck in my bed soon , goodnight stalkers (:

Friday, September 24, 2010

 i guess i have found my true friends .

im not working nor schooling but im always busy .
today im goin to start blogging about my girls .
those who not listed , you maybe one of those of crappy friends,

 my highend-ies girls .
myrakie , sugarbunny , puterikucing , neya tiger , diana kardisian , me(:
certainly i love them till the moon turns red .
theres nothing less about them.
thats how great they are to me. <3
my long term girls.
we been thru eternity of ups and down .
but that doesnt make us fall apart , and noone able to do that .
sometimes i do neglected them for a short while , but that doesnt make them misjudge me.
more or less they tried to understand me more . aww , saye looveee korang !
bubu , if i suddenly mia again , find me thru handphone okay , jangan senyap.
liya , being a friend , i like to see you happy but you step into a wrong path now. find out from me.
hello papaya!
we known each other thru my ex-workplace.
you always make me smile , hear each other problem and make me burst into joy of tears.
what more do i need from a friend?
and even a best tangkis , i stop working , she does it too.
hello-hello me taw !

ignore my hair
my one and only bitch !
we start drifted from school.
we covered each other problems.
even our parents cant seperate the huge meaning of friendship.
 thats dira .
she extremly kind to me .
3 years of friendship .
i neglected her too since i quitted school.
shes was very generous to me.
yesterday i went her crib , seek forgiveness and all.
she nak kasy me 100$ for raye .
thats huge girlfriend, i cant accept it.
i'll make up to you one day alright .
thats my girls , that i love ...
do you have atleast one?
i palnned to open a blogshop soon . 
lookout for it aye! 



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